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Want UFC-Level Boxing Training Right Here In The Antelope Valley?

Boxers require speed, agility, power, high levels of anaerobic endurance, and more to compete… Your boxing coach needs to understand more than punch techniques and foot movement, but the training steps necessary to get you to move like a real boxer.

Now, more than ever, Boxing is the ultimate skill on the ring. Yeah, a lot can be said about how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu changed the martial arts and boosted MMA, but 68% of UFC victories are achieved through the good KNOCK-OUT.

Is It Just Good-Old Boxing?

Yes and No. As the utmost experts in Mixed Martial Arts in the AV area, Team Kazeka teaches and enforces the learning of boxing fundamentals, but the art of boxing has evolved in the hands of modern fighters.

Today, classes incorporate the MMA stance (in order to defend from takedowns) and Thai Boxing. Thai, also known as kickboxing, teaches the best way to take advantage of and defend against clinches. Your experience here will be unlike any other boxing gym anywhere.

Boxing Lessons For All Levels

Are you a high level athlete looking to gain an edge training with the ultimate boxing professional in Palmdale/Lancaster? Or you maybe simply looking to learn self-defense?

Even if you’re just looking for a fantastic stress-management tool, Team Kazeka Muniz boxing program can help with just that!

At their state-of-the-art location in Palmdale, students are divided into cardio boxing, beginner boxing, and advanced boxing classes according to their skills and goals. Some of our students even move on to the Pro MMA team.

Kazeka Muniz -Your Boxing Coach

In 2004, Kazeka created England’s number 1 MMA gym the “WOLFSLAIR” where former UFC Light heavy weight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Michael “the Count” Bisping, Ultimate Fighter Season 2 champion, train.

In 2009, Kazeka finished his bachelor’s degree in Sports Science at the Havana University “Cerro Pelado” in Cuba where he has spent the last 12 years going to learn the “Cuban Way ” of training athletes.

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